Bennett Road Studios - Where great music is created
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Bennett Road Studios

Where Great Music Is Created

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A Recording Studio In Chicago

Bennett Road Studios is a Chicago recording studio unlike any other. Why should you come to Bennett Road Studios? Here are 3 very different everyday scenarios where we've been able to provide solutions.

DIY MUSICIANS: You're a singer/songwriter or a band and you you've recorded some great songs in your private studio, but you just can't get your mix to sound radio ready. We love working with DIY musicians as we find them to be quite creative and knowledgeable. What can we do for you? First of all, the best way to make your music sound better is to mix through our SSL 4048E/G+ console. Just about every song you hear on the radio has been mixed on an SSL console, but our console is unique. In fact, many engineers that come to our studio say that it is the best sounding console they've ever used. It has a certain Mojo sprinkled on it. The console has seen some very famous artists including Prince, NKOTB, Michael Jackson, and KISS. Our console, along with all the vintage analog gear you can imagine, ProTools, and 2 inch tape, help to create a wonderful environment for you to mix your DIY music project. You should come by and see for yourself how we can help.

SERIOUSLY SERIOUS: You're a serious recording artist with some serious traction and you want to work in a Chicago recording studio that caters to high profile clients. We recently received a phone call from the manager of a very popular multi-platinum artist. The artist was on tour and needed an evening in a world class studio on short notice. His rider read like typical star's rider including 5 different kinds of waters, various candies, and assorted food platters. We had all the right equipment and software that the client required, and the end result was a session that everyone loved. We accomplished the seemingly impossible with a 24 hour notice and the artist was so happy with the results that he is now a permanent part of the Bennett Road Family.

SELF-STARTER: You're just starting out with your music career. You've written some incredible songs, but you don't know what to do next. Let's work together on this. We love working with new artists. There's something exciting about helping a new artist achieve their dreams. We can help you record, mix, and master - as well as assist you in finding solutions for setting up all the legal aspects involved like copyrights, LLC or corporation, and even publishing and releasing your first record.

Our engineers and producers have worked with many big name artists on multi-platinum selling records. Our clients know that at Bennett Road Studios, the end result is a recording that is worthy of the song they've written. Our extensive collection of gear combined with our seasoned professional engineers and producers is what makes the difference between a song and a hit. If you want to sound your best, you simply must come to Bennett Road Studios, where great music is created.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your next recording studio project by calling 847-593-8000 or simply send us an email.
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Studio News:

• Houston we have KONTAKT. In fact we have the entire Native Instruments catalog of sounds, instruments, and tools. Maschine, Kontact. 88 key Kontrol-S keyboard. Its all here and the sound is amazing.

• Avid S6 Console, Neve Front End, Neve Back End, Dolby Atmos, Vintage pics and pre's, and the coolest staff in the industry. If you want your recordings and mixes to sound their very best, you've got to come to Bennett Road Studios. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your next project by calling 847-264-0695 or simply send us an email.

• Bennett Road Studios is now a Source Live mix facility. With Source Live we’re able to broadcast your password protected mix session to you live over the internet allowing you to be a part of the session, providing us with your feedback and approval all in real time just like you would if you were in the studio with us.


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Bennett Road Studios is a Chicago recording studio