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Recording Studio Rates at Bennett Road Studios

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FLEXIBLE: Our recording studio rates were created for independent artists as well as high profile artists. We offer hourly rates and block rates. We also have grammy award winning producers and engineers that would love to work with you on your next recording project or mix session. Lets discuss your next session so we can provide you with the best rate possible. Feel free to call us any time and we will help you meet your budget. Our rates include complete access to all studio equipment including guitars, amps, drums, etc. Feel free to contact us at any time by calling 847-264-0695 or simply send us an email.

PROFESSIONAL: The mix engineers and record producers at Bennett Road Studios are vetted and seasoned professionals. Experience matters, and our Credits are an indicator of our quality. We have worked on over 300 commercially released albums, and we are proud of each and every one of them. The feedback that we have received from the artists that we've partnered with over the years is amazing. We are professional, patient, timely, courteous and pleasant to work with. Our artists know that working with a pro in the studio who understands a clients needs makes a big difference.

AFFORDABLE: So how much will this? Studio time can be booked by the hour or in blocks of time by day or week. We have a 2 hour minimum. Our rates include an engineer and all studio instruments, amps, and gear. We prefer that we discuss your project with you in order to provide the best rate possible, so feel free to contact us any time. Many of our artists decide to save time and money by recording at their own private studio, and mixing here at Bennett Road Studios. We enjoy these sessions as well, and have special rates specifically for this. We also have the technology to mix in our studio while you listen in at home in real time, at extremely high sample rates. This saves on travel time, and allows you to go about your day without being tied up in the studio for hours. We do many mix sessions this way for artists in the UK and abroad.

Our prices for Recording, Mixing, and Mastering are very competitive. We also offer Album and EP package rates.
We accept all major Credit Cards through PAYPAL, cash, and money orders. So call us or email us today and lets get your project booked.